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Adalog Programs

Adalog is pleased to offer some general purpose programs that we initially developed for our own purpose, but that we thought could be useful to others. All these programs are freely available, under the GPL or GMGPL (which is GPL, with the added bonus that you can use any part of the code and incorporate it into your programs even if they are propriatory).

All the programs are written in Ada. If you download them as source, and you don't have an Ada compiler yet, you migh be interested in our compiler page.

If you are already programming in Ada, you might be interested by our components and utilities.



SC_Timer is a very convenient timer for session chairs in conferences who need to manage the presentation time of  speakers. The chair enjoys a rich pannel to manage talk time (screenshot) and a secondary display to let the speaker know the remaining time, prompt messages, etc (screenshot). The display turns yellow -for example- ten minutes before time is over, then turns red five minutes before the end. When the presentation time is over, it displays a big red flashing "Off". Alternatively, the timer can be set to count up (from 0 to programmed time) instead of down. Other features allow to manage various special cases (pauses, increasing or reducing talk time...).

There is also a regular clock in the upper right corner that tells you the current time.

Of course, the program is really a general count-down timer, and you can use it for all your count-down needs!

(Portuguese version courtesy of homeyou)


This utility allows to chose pages for printing from a PostScript document. It permits printing only odd or even pages, or a chosen range of pages.
The Ada program works in "command line" mode. A provided interface in Tcl/Tk offers a prettier interface for interactive mode. A documentation is available.

(Portuguese version courtesy of homeyou)


Under Windows, when you modify environment variables or other settings, the change is generally not taken into account immediately; quite often, you'll have to reboot for the change to take effect.

WinSettingChange is a small utility that broadcasts the WM_SETTINGCHANGE message to all top-level windows, to notify that something has changed in the global settings. Most of the time, this will save you the burden of rebooting.

That's all for now, but more is to come. Stay tuned, come and visit us every now and then !