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ADALOG is a company that specializes in high level training, expertise and consulting in the domains of the Ada language, design methods, and software engineering in general. Since october 2010, Adalog is part of the Pacte-Novation group.

ADALOG was formed in 1985 by J-P. Rosen, a reknown expert in the Ada language and object oriented techniques. He has been teaching Ada since 1980; his extensive knowledge of the language, together with his famous teaching abilities, give an outstanding efficiency to ADALOG's training sessions. He authored a book called "Méthodes de Génie Logiciel avec Ada 95" (Software Engineering Methods with Ada 95), and the official book for the HOOD method, "HOOD: an Industrial Approach for Software Design".

ADALOG was actively involved in the definition effort of Ada 95, by participating into international standardization meetings, the development of the GNAT compiler, and the reviewing of the validation suite (under contract with the DoD).

ADALOG has no connection with any maker or vendor of compilers and tools : this ensures that ADALOG's expertise and advices are free from any bias or vested interest.